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I work with business professionals to find the calmness, confidence and courage to go after things that matter in their lives and businesses after being stopped by fear, anxiety and trauma.

There is a
vast estate of potential hidden within youan untapped source of limitless courage and confidence which conventional knowledge may be yet to approach. I say hidden and untapped, because the hints of your brilliance often lie beneath personal aspects you detest most.

Let’s collaborate to break through whatever may be holding you back right now – personally or professionally.

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A Little About Me

Naturally shy and unwilling to mix with people. Had a near-death experience while hospitalized, and lost my best friend and uncle before clocking 15 years old. I was bullied in secondary school, and picked up dysfunctional habits and addictions afterwards. Today, as the creator of The Fear Resolve Process, I function as a personal coach, trainer and therapist bridging science, spirituality, transformation, technology and well-being. I'm also an author, researcher, educator, adjunct lecturer and founder of 2 companies. If you have a history of trauma, fear, or anxiety, join me and let's put you on the path of holistic recovery. I assist my clients with designing personalized, effective ways to transform habits, behaviors, processes, and systems in order to achieve their dreams and goals.

What My Clients Say

Dr. Laide Okubena

Real Estate Consultant

" I had a presentation with the Staff of Promasidor Nigeria, owners and manufacturers of Cowbell Milk. I usually have fears in doing such large scale presentations. Thanks to the you, the management are already telling us to get ready for site inspections to seal huge acres of land.

Oluwatoosin Oladejo

Product Manager

" This is one of the most meaningful things I’ve done this year. My mind has been opened up to see that fear is what I make it and I actually overcame my fears. The 5 Minutes Brain Workout made me see the beauty in me above the flaws that becl­ouded my eyes.

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