Most people struggle to overcome procrastination because they do not know the real reason 'why' they do it in the first place.

Play this video and I’ll show you how.

Imagine, right now, that you could break the shackles of that soul-sucking procrastination habit that has been limiting your potential, and making you live life feeling guilty for the things you ought to have done…

You could have cleared your debt, only that postponing things will never allow you to stop borrowing or stop postponing paying up your bills…

You want to master your money, but procrastination is not letting you stick to a budget, and cut back on your spending habits…

You look out for jobs, and you find a job that matches your profile, comes with very good pay, maybe even bigger salary. But you postpone applying and wait…

You develop a powerful product that has the potential to bring you massive profits and sales, but procrastination will never allow you to launch…

How many opportunities have you wasted simply because you procrastinated, and didn’t take advantage when they were right in your front?

How many potential relationships have you destroyed simply because you postponed calling your “bae” or “boo” when necessary, or did not keep to your promises, and made them feel unimportant, uncared for, and ignored?

When was the last time you felt your self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation was being crushed because of your behaviour towards a deadline?

If you're like many people... If you stop procrastinating TODAY:

Your profits would soar…

You’d be able to make more money…

You would feel secure that your business is on sound footing…

You wouldn’t need to have a pile of abandoned tasks and uncompleted projects…

You would finally be able to switch off making excuses and be quick to action those dreams and aspirations…

Low zest for life and anxiety would simply be a thing of the past…

You can finally be in the relationship where you are “taken care of”…

And you can finally enjoy the results of your hustle.

Imagine That You Could Become Healthier, Wealthier And Less Stressed Through A Few Simple Steps.

It Would Require No Great Sacrifice On Your Part, But Over The Weeks, Your Personal, Professional And Spiritual Life Would Improve Immeasurably In Numerous Ways.

The Data is ALARMING

Research Shows Putting Off Activities People Plan or Scheduled is Increasing, And The Result Is…

0 %
40% of people

experience financial loss due to procrastination

0 %
18% of people

confessed that procrastination has an extreme negative effect on their stress and wellbeing

0 %
of students surveyed

admit they procrastinate because they’ve done it so much that it’s become second nature to them.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably struggling with procrastination in some form.

Whether your procrastination is a minor issue that’s simply hurting your productivity…

Or a major issue that’s preventing you from achieving your biggest goals…

You’ve probably tried to overcome your procrastination on your own before, and saw that this can be difficult to do.

Like many people, you may have “Googled” for advice on the topic, and saw the overwhelming amount of information out there about how to stop procrastinating, and may have come to realize that most of them are either partial or outright INEFFECTIVE because they do not understand your situation.

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Hi, I am Dayo Samuel

I help entrepreneurs and business leaders make more money in better mental state and wellbeing.

As a practicing therapist and coach with over 19,000 students across the globe, I have had clients complain of procrastination to me.

A client told me...

Another described it like this:

"Sometimes I feel like there's a lot of activity going on in my head and body when I know clearly I'm lazy and I'm not actually doing anything."

As with many self-sabotaging behaviors, the first step in stopping procrastination is to recognize why you’re doing it.


But this isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds!

This is why I created 'Ready. Set. Go.' as Your Anti-Procrastination Plan That Makes Taking Immediate Action Easy

This 36-page, downloadable PDF will help you overcome procrastination permanently in 3 Steps

STEP 1: Discover Your Procrastination Profile

This section helps you identify the real reasons you procrastinate and shows you your profile.

This brand new, evidence-based 24-point assessment reveals exactly the vulnerable spot opening you to unnecessary procrastination.  And you only need to write down numbers 1 to 10 to find out.

STEP 2: Leverage Your Procrastination Pattern

Once you complete the assessment in Part 1 and discover why you procrastinate, you would be able to instantly identify your unique procrastination pattern, and use this knowledge to your advantage EVERY TIME.

If you think procrastination is uncommon… Or that once you know why you procrastinate, that’s all? Think again!

Each of us has our unique procrastination patterns – and it’s sort of templated. For you to procrastinate, you simply use your template and that’s it. Procrastination goes into full force. 

STEP 3: Develop Anti-Procrastination Power Plays

Final section helps you create POWER PLAYS that make taking immediate action easy and put you at an advantage.

You would get ideas and strategies that I’ve used for my clients, and  specific to your results from Parts #1 and #2, which shields you from procrastination in your life going forward. You finally can end procrastination – and become productive again. 

No more missing important schedules or rushing to meet deadlines.


Break free from the tight-fisted grip of procrastination

Get back to your productive self

Stop feeling overwhelmed with workload and unable to get started

Start moving away from procrastination

Examine what is blocking you from being productive

Find freedom and time to spend with your family and loved ones instead of being busy behind the desk organising stuff

Guarantee you'll do what you've been procrastinating so you can move things forward

Fast Action Bonus available only right now

Since you already tend to procrastinate - a lot, taking action right now is a way to prove to yourself you are working to move your life forward. And not remain stagnant.


Asides from being a Therapist and a Coach, I’m a honest human being. I want you to feel CONFIDENT that you’re making a wise decision today, so here’s what you get for FREE when you order Ready. Set. Go. Anti-Procrastination Plan right now.

  • 30-Day Ready. Set. Go. Coaching Challenge (worth NGN10,000)

    Every day starting tomorrow, you will get an Email Coaching Prompt from me with a simple task covering your finances, relationships, self-care, personal development, business and career. These prompts will help you completely defeat procrastination.

  • Video Training Guide (worth NGN5,000)

    I have recorded a short video showing you how to get the best result using this resource. I am adding it to your order so you don't have a reason to not be able to apply it.

  • Lifetime Updates (Priceless)

    When you purchase Ready. Set. Go. today, you get all future updates and upgrades to this resource FREE OF CHARGE

  • A Personal Refund

    When you complete ALL the tasks and assignments in this material for each part and don't see any improvements or start getting things done in 90 days, I'll personally refund you - and you still get to keep the resource and all updates I make to it.

  • Invitation to the Master's Circle

    Join our closely-guarded WhatsApp community only for rising stars and VIPs making things happen in different industries.

All of these for only N3,500 that you commit right now to ending your battle with procrastination and laziness.

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Right here. Right now. You have 2 choices.

#1. Continue your lifestyle of procrastination and blame yourself for the dreams, desires and goals you regret not pursuing.


#2. End your your fear and embrace a better plan that makes you way more functional and productive. Every single day.

Some Common Questions I Get Asked

YES. It is quite simple; if you enroll today, and by 30-45 days from now you do not notice any life-changing results, I will personally give you a complete refund. No questions asked. If you’re completely skeptical, try Ready. Set. Go. anyway because you have 90 days to prove your skeptic mind wrong. 

NO. I’m making this ridiculously simple that you only need focus on one thing: YOU. It is even why I added the other bonuses to Ready. Set. Go. for you. Asides the payment you make now to order your copy, nothing else is to be paid for.

YES. Your mobile device won’t be left out. You only need to provide an email and it will be delivered to you. You won’t even need to login to any website, you won’t need to consume a lot of data or waste time. 

Unfortunately, NO! And here’s why. This is the same assessment and material I use when I work with private clients in my office, I wanted more people to access it, so I made it into a PDF.

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