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Book Dayo to Speak at Your Event

Are you looking for a speaker that’s sure to resonate, inspire and ignite the inner fire of your event attendees? Especially in a calm, penetrating manner?

What I know for sure is that relatable stories have incredible power. I also know that everyone has a story!

I grew up listening to my grandmothers telling folktales or “alo” as they’re known in my native tongue Yoruba. I translated that into the professional world where I’ve used storytelling and human behaviour skills to communicate with, train and lead events.

I’ve given keynote addresses to organizations and to intimate groups. My goal is not only to inspire audiences, but to advance new ways of thinking and being so they can take life-changing action to create positive change in their lives.

Thank You!

For me, every invitation is a privilege to contribute immensely to humanity and to touch lives positively.

I’m grateful you are showing interest in hosting me, kindly download my profile and picture using the buttons, and importantly a booking form so I can receive appropriate details and preparation for your event.

***Please note every invitation I receive is subject to screening.

***Also note, unless approved via this form, I do not honor unscheduled invitations nor condone using my picture for an event you did not appropriately invite me.

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