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What is it?

The Discovery Lab Consultation Call is perfect for busy, overwhelmed entrepreneurs and business leaders like you who are searching for higher levels of success, happiness and fulfillment in life.

An intimate one-on-one exploration of your CORE MOTIVE, The Discovery Lab Consultation Call is the first step forward to understanding YOUR SELF.

Feel free to schedule a FREE Zoom Session, as well as help me prepare for our call by filling the PRE-CONSULTATION CALL form below this page.

During this 30-minute call via Zoom, you and I will:

  1. Dig deep to identify why you feel, act and behave the way you do…
  2. Set goals for achieving freedom, wellness, and depth…
  3. Create a plan to help you break through whatever it is that’s been holding you back so you can reach the goal(s) you set…
  4. Empower you to take action on the plan.

Please note you have to show up for this call, if you don’t, you may never get another chance to book another session in the future.

Also note, this session is completely FREE, so no need to come with a bias that I want to sell you something. If you need to move forward, it is totally up to you to decide.

Step 1: Pick a time and date.

Step 2: To ensure we maximize your Consultation Call, please fill out this form immediately

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this form entitles you to a 30 minutes consultation with Dayo Samuel or one of our staff. It does not however mean that we have a contract for a coaching, therapy or consulting service yet. Further services to be rendered in connection with the issues stated in/arising from this form shall be paid for professionally, accordingly.Thank you.

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