Personalized Support for Entrepreneurs

Hi, I am Dayo Samuel

CEOs and business leaders often come to a point where they forget to take care of themselves, and their own needs get lost in the ton of client requests, employee demands and business meetings.

Entrepreneurship almost seems to require that you ignore your own emotional and physical health needs on behalf of your business.

Keeping up a strong appearance is important to many business leaders, as they are representing their company.

As a leader, you always have to be ‘on’. Your employees and investors all want to see that you’ve got this.

As your company grows and develops, you master an ever-changing array of technical, interpersonal and leadership skills.

But your productivity and profit take a downward spiral when fear, anxiety, stress and overwhelm creep in.

You need someone like myself in your corner helping you get the most out of your personal issues so you can masterfully tackle the challenges ahead of you.

My personalized coaching and therapy programs help you to keep your mind and body optimized for quick decision-making while addressing the hidden blocks and blindspots that hold you back from your fullest potential.


of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues.


of entrepreneurs have family members who face these issues.


of global economy is made up of entrepreneurs.

Proven Program Results

I help you focus not only on how you’d like to feel when you are finished with therapy, but on how you’d like your life to BE better. I will not just be sitting back listening - I will be actively partnering with you to get your mind and your heart where you want them to be. Past clients have reported that working with me helped them:

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