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Imagine being part of a group of people who are all committed to consciously improving their lives and businesses. A crop of individuals who each bring unique perspectives, resources, skills, and contacts to a group you belong.

Most importantly, each one is committed to actively working towards their own goals—and supporting other Circle members in achieving theirs. A true win/win opportunity.

The Collaborative Intelligence Inner Circle is a high-level support that most people do not ever get to experience in their entire lives!

It is the kind of collaboration that happens at the higher end of relationships where each person has the best interest of the other member at heart. And this is what I am inviting you to be a part of.


Groups are curated by Dayo Samuel to ensure that your takeaways are directly applicable to your life and work (i.e. Seed-Stage CEOs, GPs or emerging investors). Collaborative Intelligence may also be formed within an organization. If you are a leader or investor who would like to offer peer groups to your company or portfolio, reach out.

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Ethan Little
"Earum, ac, repellendus. Penatibus reiciendis vehicula netus massa aute pede voluptatem curae! Risus laborum tellus. Hendrerit"
Heather Fowler

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April 4th, 2021

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